How Long Can Instagram Videos Be: Unlock the Power of Every Second!

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Navigate the dynamic world of Instagram videos in 2024! Whether you’re a storyteller, a brand, or just looking to connect, understanding the nuances of video length on Instagram is key to captivating your audience. Let’s dive into the optimal durations for your creative expressions this year.

How Long Can Instagram Videos Be (Quick Answer):

In 2024, Instagram continues to offer diverse formats for your videos, each with its own set of guidelines:

In-Feed Videos: Ranging from 3 seconds to a full hour, giving you ample space to unfold your narrative.
Reels: Now up to 90 seconds, these quick clips are your ticket to viral content.
Stories: Hold onto moments with 15-second clips, stringing up to 4 segments for a minute of engaging storytelling.
Live Sessions: Go live for up to 4 hours, connecting with your audience in real-time.

New Tips for Video Engagement

To maximize engagement, focus on crafting high-quality, engaging content within these time frames. Remember, the first few seconds are crucial to capturing attention, so start strong. Utilize Instagram’s editing tools to trim and perfect your videos, and don’t shy away from using captions for broader accessibility.

What Is the Ideal Instagram Video Length?

As mentioned earlier, there is no straightforward answer to this. Instead, it depends on the kind of video you are making. The ideal length for videos made for your Instagram Feed, Live, Story differs.

Tips for Best Instagram Feed Video

When it comes to making the best video for your Instagram Feed, some practices that can ensure the best results include:

  • Instagram allows you to upload a video of a maximum of 4GB. Within this file size, make sure you upload a video with the highest resolution possible.
  • Make sure you don’t cover over 20% of the video thumbnail with text. Instagram prefers photos over texts and ensures greater visibility.
  • Make a habit of adding captions to your videos since many people will watch them on mute. Also, make sure you make your videos with this in mind. Your videos should be such that they make an impact even on small muted devices.
  • Try placing your CTA (call to action) in the middle of the video. If you place it in the beginning, people won’t trust you enough to actually take action, and many people might not make it to the end of the video.
  • Closely follow the technical requirements for videos provided by Instagram.

Tips for Instagram Story Video Length

When it comes to making videos for Instagram Story and the ideal Instagram Story video length, here are some tips that can help you enjoy better engagement:

  • Make sure to include your location along with relevant hashtags in Story videos. These can help more people to find them.
  • Post Story videos frequently and make sure they are relatively affordable and simple. Doing so keeps people engaged with your brand.
  • Try posting videos at different times to determine when the majority of your audience is active.
  • Also, include a URL or a countdown sticker in your videos. This creates excitement and anticipation and also directs traffic towards the relevant landing page.
  • Sign up for Instagram Business and follow the analytics on your video to see how engagement can be further improved.

Tips for Instagram Live Videos

Live Videos can be up to 60 minutes long. However, to make sure you get the best results, it is best to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Have a list of all the important points or a well-rehearsed script so that you convey all important messages regarding your brand effectively.
  2. Use Stories to promote the live broadcast beforehand. With increasing viewers, Instagram is more likely to recommend you to browsers on the Explore page.
  3. Create a mailing list by asking your followers to send in questions before your live video on a sign-up form posted on your website.
  4. Make use of Instagram Live to build up excitement around your business by giving teasers of upcoming events and product launches.
  5. Always do a quick practice run to test the visual and audio quality. You wouldn’t want something going wrong during your live session.

FAQ Section

What’s the ideal length for an Instagram Reel to keep viewers engaged?

Aim for 15-30 seconds for Reels to maintain viewer interest and maximize engagement.

How can I extend my story beyond 60 seconds?

Segment your content across multiple Stories to keep sharing longer narratives.

Can I post a full-length video on Instagram?

Yes, videos up to 60 minutes can be shared as IGTV posts, perfect for in-depth content.


With the latest on Instagram video lengths for 2024 in hand, you’re set to engage and grow your audience. Tailor your content to fit these guidelines and post strategically to see your interactions and follower count rise.

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