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Many businesses offer followers for Instagram by creating ghost accounts specifically for you. However, we make sure to provide followers from accounts of real and genuine users to add credibility to your business. Buy Real & Active Instagram Followers through Social Media Ads. Find that hard to believe? Check out our services.
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Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers?

Followers are an essential part of your Instagram performance. Buy Real & Active Followers on Instagram from InstaMama to get a decent exposure you need and watch your profile gain more recognition, visibility, and disclosure.
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How to Buy Instagram Followers?

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Provide us your email address and Instagram handle. Once we have that, we can start processing.
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This was the boost we needed to get our page into the spotlight quickly!
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Internet marketing is the most powerful way to publicize your business nowadays.
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You guys do a great job, I appreciate it! Thank you and keep up the good work!
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Easily permits for almost any user to get real followers via the Instagram Ads.
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I really liked the service I received. Thanks for the extra likes included in the package!
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Great! I received my 1000 IG Followers gradually within 4 days. 24/7 support.
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Will Buying Instagram Followers Be Beneficial for Me?

It’s no secret that with increasing followers, your influence and reach on social media also increases. This is particularly important if you have a service or product to promote. If you’ve just started out, growing your customer base is a hard task, which is why buying followers can really come in handy. Once your account has more followers, your brand has more reach, which in turn, promises quicker organic growth. Once you get more likes, Instagram algorithms place you on the explore page, leading to targeted traffic and even more followers. So, when you buy real & active followers via the Ads, you don’t have to start from scratch; instead, you can just boost your growth.

When Will I Start Getting My Instagram Followers?

We start working under your order in 24 hours (sometimes it could be longer and take around 24-36 hours) after purchase. It will be gradual delivery. And the whole process of delivery depends on the delivery speed you choose during the checkout process (if you didn't choose anything - in this case, your speed will be around 100-200 followers per day). All you need to do – it’s just to keep your account “public” and don't have any age or other restrictions, while your order is in progress.

Will Buying Followers Lead to a Possible Ban?

There’s no need to worry; just trust us and our magic. Our processes are designed such that you won’t be banned from Instagram. Since we value your security, we have designed our innovative follower acquisition method (deliver followers via the social media Ads & influencers) such that your account won’t be at risk of being banned because of inactive followers. We also work on constantly updating our process in line with changes in Instagram’s policies to make sure we comply with the rules. So rest assured, your account will not be banned.

What Are My Payment Options?

For everyone’s ease, security, and simplicity, we offer a credit card payment option to users. We don’t save any details, and we also don’t get any card information. Plus, since the payment is instant, we get started on your order as soon as we have the payment.

Will You Need the Password for My Instagram Account?

Not at all! Think of it this way; when you have to follow an account on Instagram, you just have to click on follow, right? Our system is also designed to work in the same way. We don’t make any changes to your account; instead, people just follow you by clicking on the button! There are a lot of apps that ask you for your login details, including the password, in return for more followers. However, we would recommend you to completely stay away from those since Instagram algorithms can often detect such activity and ultimately lead to a banned account.

What Exactly Are High-Quality Followers?

When it comes to followers, quality is essential. There’s no point in having a large following if it is not active. Our followers are real, which means that they behave in a natural and realistic manner and follow you for a long, long time. Many of our competitors tend to make false claims; however, we promise to deliver real USA and Europe followers targeted by social media Ads at a good price. Along with that, we offer great customer support to help you out in times of need.

How To Buy Instagram Followers (What to Look For)?

Wondering how to buy real & active Instagram followers? The good news is Instagrammers are not alone in this case. In fact, many people on Instagram are constantly looking for ways to increase their followers. However, growing your fan base is not very easy. You need to take care of a lot of things. To make things easier, make sure you follow the tips given below:

  1. Have a look at user reviews and recommendations.
  2. Keep an eye out on the purchased followers to look for dropouts.
  3. Make sure the company provides a refill guarantee.
  4. Instead of getting all the followers at once, go for gradual delivery.
  5. Find out how the company gains followers. Does it attract followers through Social Media Ads, communities and groups, or influencers and bloggers?
  6. Read the company’s refund policy and whether it provides a money-back guarantee.
  7. Avoid companies that ask you to give your account’s password.
  8. Make sure the company provides 24/7 support.

How To Boost Followers Organically In 2024?

The easiest way to increase real Instagram followers without any issues is to check out It is the best place to buy Instagram followers through social media Ads. However, you also need to take a few other things into consideration, including how you should adjust your Instagram habits and how Instagram’s algorithm works. Some things to consider include:

1Upload Regularly

There are thousands of profiles on Instagram today and when people don’t see content from someone daily, they get bored or they simply forget about them. This is why influencers usually post at least once a day on Instagram.

2Figure Out the Ideal Schedule

Apart from being consistent in uploading daily, you also need to figure out the correct time to post something. The problem is, the right time isn’t always clear and depends on the geographic location and the target audience, and even then, the right time might differ each day. So, you will have to do some research on your target audience and find out when they use Instagram the most, the kind of content they enjoy, and how long they spend on Instagram.

3Have a Call to Action

Call-to-actions aren’t beneficial only for landing pages and business emails. Many successful Instagrammers use the same technique to direct their followers either to their website, an e-commerce platform, or even to their Instagram bio. You will be surprised at how many people will actually follow your lead if you direct them. However, make sure you offer value at the places you are directing the followers to. For example, your call to action could be a coupon code, a free worksheet download, or something similar.

4Keep Your Content Interesting

Social media is highly competitive, which is why if you want your profile to stand out from the crowd, it should be interesting. The good thing is, Instagram provides different ways to express yourself, including stories, videos, and images. By leveraging all these, you can keep your content exciting and fresh and build a closer connection with your followers.

5Always Interact with Your Followers

One thing that makes social media very fun is that it’s basically a huge chat room where people come together to share their opinions, ideas, and thoughts and call on other people to do the same. Many top influencers and Instagrammers use interactivity to boost engagement and follower count. There are many ways to make things interactive. You can host giveaways and contests or post surveys and polls. Some even create polls on Instagram Stories or hand out free merch to contest winners. You can even ask your followers to answer some questions in the comments to boost interaction.

6Know Your Audience

Whether you are a business or a content creator, you must know what your target audience wants to see. You will have to do extensive research to find out the insights into what your users want, but all the hard work will be worth it. You should also check out what your competitors are doing and the kind of content their followers like.

7Collaborate with Others

Collaborations can be of many kinds. You can partner up with brands, other influencers, or even with your friends. Collaboration doesn’t always have to be paid, but it is usually equally beneficial for both parties. Some collaboration ideas include holding a giveaway or a contest or sharing relevant content.

8Build a Community

While social media has its drawbacks, these platforms are great for building communities and making people feel less alone. Most influencers aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment. So, once you buy real Instagram followers, make sure to let them know that you value them by posting valuable content or offering freebies.

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