How to Add Location on Instagram in 2024: Boost Your Posts’ Impact!

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Embrace the power of geotagging in 2024 with our ultimate guide to adding locations on Instagram. Whether personal or business, discover how to boost your posts’ visibility and connect with a broader audience through strategic location tagging.

How to Add Location On Instagram (Quick Answer):

In 2024, adding a location to your Instagram posts remains a straightforward process, enhancing discoverability and engagement. Start by creating a new post and tapping ‘Add Location.’ Search for your desired location or choose from the suggestions. Remember, accurate tagging is key to reaching your intended audience.

Creating Custom Locations via Facebook

After checking for existing locations, create a new one through Facebook by posting a ‘Check In’ with your desired custom location name. Ensure your location services are enabled, and after saving your custom place on Facebook, it will become available on Instagram, enriching your posts with unique geotags.

How to Add Location On Instagram (Quick Steps):

Now that you have your location created on Facebook, you can easily use it on Instagram. Here is how to add the location to Instagram Post:

  1. Start by selecting the ‘+’ icon on Instagram to create a new post.
  2. Below the caption area, tap “Add Location.”
  3. Enter the name of your location.
  4. Choose the location and proceed to share your post.

How to Add Location to Instagram Story

To add a location to your Instagram Stories in 2024, utilize the location sticker for instant visibility. After capturing your Story, tap the sticker icon, select the location sticker, and choose or search for your desired location. Customizing your sticker can add flair and context to your Story.

Why Does Instagram Use Facebook’s Location System?

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the two platforms have increasingly intertwined, offering users a seamless experience across social networks. This integration extends to location services, enhancing Instagram’s functionality and user engagement.

FAQ Section

Can I tag a location in an existing Instagram post?

To add or change a location tag in an existing post, tap the three dots above your post, select ‘Edit,’ and then ‘Add Location.’ Remember, this feature enhances post visibility and engagement.

Why isn’t my custom location appearing on Instagram?

If your custom location doesn’t appear immediately, ensure it’s correctly saved on Facebook and give it some time. Instagram may take a few hours to update its location database.

How do location tags impact post visibility?

Location tags increase your content’s discoverability, making it visible in location-based searches and potentially featuring it in local Instagram Stories, thereby broadening your audience reach.


As Instagram continues to evolve, leveraging location tags in 2024 offers a dynamic way to share your moments and connect with communities. Whether through posts or Stories, geotagging remains a vital tool in your Instagram strategy, inviting engagement and offering insights into your world.

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