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How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint: Simple Steps for Success

Wondering how to make your PowerPoint presentation more engaging? A video can do the trick! With just a few steps, you can embed a video directly into your slides to complement your message and keep your audience captivated. This guide is aimed to provide you with all the insights, from the basics to pro tips, in embedding a video in PowerPoint.

Here’s your quick rundown:

  • Go to the slide where you want to add a video.
  • Click on the ‘Insert’ tab.
  • Choose ‘Video’ and then select the source.
  • Browse and insert your video.
  • Format and adjust settings.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on for a deep dive into each aspect of this process.

Choosing the Right Video Format

Before you delve into the embedding process, it’s crucial to pick a compatible video format for PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Compatible Video Formats

  • MP4
  • AVI
  • WMV

Understanding Video Formats

Different versions of PowerPoint support various formats. MP4 is widely accepted across multiple versions, but if you’re using an older version, WMV or AVI might be better options.

Steps to Embed a Video in PowerPoint

Now that you have chosen the right video format, let’s walk through the embedding process step by step.

Choosing the Right Slide

First, navigate to the slide where you want to place the video. Remember that the video should enhance your presentation, not distract from it.

Insert Tab

Click on the ‘Insert’ tab located in the PowerPoint toolbar at the top of your screen. This is where all embedding magic happens.

Adding Video

Choose ‘Video’ in the media section. A dropdown menu will appear with options to insert a video from your computer or online sources.

Finalizing the Insertion

Browse to find your video, select it, and click ‘Insert’. You can then drag and drop to position it where you’d like on the slide.

Formatting and Settings

After inserting the video, there are several ways you can format it to fit your presentation’s aesthetics and objectives.

Resizing and Positioning

Adjust the video size by clicking and dragging the corners. Move the video by selecting and dragging it to the desired location on the slide.

Playback Settings

Go to the ‘Playback’ tab to customize when the video plays. You can set it to play automatically, when clicked, or even trimmed for a specific segment.

Advanced Techniques

Incorporating a video is just the beginning; you can do so much more to enhance your presentation.

Looping the Video

If your video is short and you want it to play throughout your presentation, you can set it to loop until you move to the next slide.

Adding Video Effects

PowerPoint allows you to add various effects like shadow, reflection, and glow to your embedded video.

FAQ Section

What if my video doesn’t play?

If your video doesn’t play, ensure that the video format is compatible and that all required codecs are installed on your computer.

Can I embed a YouTube video?

Yes, you can embed a YouTube video, but remember that you’ll need an internet connection for playback.

Will my embedded video work on another computer?

If you’re planning to use another computer for the presentation, it’s recommended to ‘Package Presentation for CD’ under the ‘File’ tab to ensure the video is included.


By now, you should be well-equipped to embed a video in your next PowerPoint presentation. From choosing the right format to fine-tuning settings, we’ve covered it all. Happy presenting!

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