How to Change Twitter Handle in 2024: 5 Easy & Quick Steps

In the dynamic digital world, your Twitter handle is more than just a username; it’s a digital identity that reflects your personal or brand persona. With Twitter’s continuous evolution, understanding how to effectively change your handle is essential for staying relevant and aligned with your evolving online presence.

How to Change Twitter Handle (Quick Steps):

  1. Log into Twitter on your device.
  2. Tap your profile icon and select “Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Go to “Account Information” under “Your Account.”
  4. Tap “Username” and enter a new handle.
  5. Confirm availability and click “Done” or “Save.”

Can You Change Your Twitter Handle (Quick Answer):

Well, it’s quite easy to change your display name as well as the username on Twitter. Plus, you can change your handle as many times as you wish.

The Reason to Make Changes

You might want to change Twitter handles for a number of reasons. For instance, to rebrand yourself, want a cleaner and better URL, or you’ve just gotten bored of your old username. If you’re confused, your Twitter handle is basically the combination of characters after the ‘@’ symbol below your display name.

Important: Changing the Twitter handle doesn’t affect your history; the only thing that changes is that all the new tweets on your profile will have the new handle.

How to Change Twitter Handle: Desktop & Mobile

Changing your Twitter handle in 2024 remains a straightforward process across all devices. Whether you’re using a desktop or a mobile device (iOS or Android), the steps involve navigating to ‘Settings and Privacy,’ then ‘Account Information,’ and finally updating your ‘Username.’

Remember: changing your handle won’t impact your following or posts, but if verified, you’ll need to reapply for verification.

Considerations for Choosing a New Twitter Handle

When selecting a new handle, consider its alignment with your brand identity, ease of recall, and consistency across social media platforms. Avoid using numbers or special characters to maintain professionalism. Short, memorable handles facilitate easier mentions and engagements, enhancing your Twitter presence.

Tips for Business Twitter Handles

For businesses, choosing the right Twitter handle is crucial. It should be relevant, easy to remember, and mirror your brand’s essence. Keeping it simple yet unique will help in creating a strong online presence, making it easier for customers to find and engage with your brand on Twitter.

Restrictions on Twitter Handle

  • Your username, or handle, is capped at a maximum of 15 characters.
  • It can include letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and underscores, but no other special characters, spaces, periods, or dashes.
  • Usernames cannot be claimed by deactivated or suspended accounts.
  • Handles cannot include the terms ‘Admin’ or ‘Twitter,’ as these are reserved for official Twitter accounts.

Choosing a Unique Twitter Handle

For individuals: consider variations of your name or adding numbers and underscores if your preferred handle is taken. Including your middle name can also be an option.

For businesses: if the desired handle is active and not impersonating your brand, direct contact with the account holder or using Twitter’s support for trademarked names might be necessary. Inactive accounts might be released by Twitter for your use.

Keep your handle relevant to your personal or brand identity. A handle that closely matches your brand name makes it easier for your audience to find you.

Avoiding Follower Loss

  • When changing your handle, past mentions and interactions under the old handle remain unchanged. If the old handle is claimed by a new user, clicking on it will redirect to their profile.
  • Consider creating a secondary account with your old handle and inform your audience about the change.

FAQ Section

Does Changing Twitter Handle Affect Old Tweets’ Visibility?

Changing your Twitter handle does not affect the visibility of your previous tweets. All your past tweets remain accessible and visible under your new handle. However, any mentions of your old handle in other users’ tweets will not redirect to your new handle.

Is Reclaiming a Previous Twitter Handle Possible?

Yes, you can reclaim your old Twitter handle if it’s still available. Once you change your handle, the old one becomes available for others to use. If no one else has claimed it, you can change back to your original handle following the same process for changing handles.

How to Inform Followers About Twitter Handle Change?

To ensure your followers are aware of your handle change, announce the update on Twitter and other social media platforms. You might also consider updating your handle in your Twitter bio temporarily and pinning a tweet about the change to the top of your profile.

What to Consider When Choosing a Branding Twitter Handle?

When choosing a new handle for branding, consider its relevance to your brand, ease of recall, and uniqueness. Avoid using numbers or special characters to maintain professionalism, and ensure it aligns with your brand identity. A memorable and clear handle can significantly enhance your brand’s presence on Twitter.


Mastering your Twitter handle is key to maintaining a dynamic online presence. While it’s flexible to change as needed, frequent changes might confuse your followers, especially if your account is verified. Remember, each handle adjustment can affect your social identity, so choose wisely and keep your audience informed. Embrace the power of your Twitter persona and make the most of your social media journey!

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